Hello, my name is William Trehern and welcome to my ePortfolio created during the Data-enabled Design and Discovery of energy Materials (D3EM) certificate program at Texas A&M University. I am pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University and I believe the problems many plan to solve in a century could have been solved yesterday, with the use of interdisciplinary problem solving approaches. This is the reason I am involved with the Data-Enabled Design and Discovery of Energy Materials (D3EM) program at Texas A&M. My bachelors is in Industrial Engineering with a double minor in Mathematics and Statistics. I merged my love for quality control, math, and statistics in my research of materials informatics, using statistical learning methods to solve problems in materials science.

To learn more about me, my research and skills, and my time with D3EM, click the above links.


I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by the D3EM community in making the program a success as this eportfolio would not be possible without them. I would like to say thanks to the Center for Teaching Excellence in providing guidance to build my personal portfolio. I would also like to thank the staff involved in D3EM and the support they give to this effort. Finally, thank you to Haley Nigg and Nick Chang for the support during my time with D3EM.


Feel free to contact me for any questions.

William F. Trehern Jr.

Graduate Research Assistant

Texas A&M University


[email protected]